When running large teams from an ATV it is well worth investing in a cable gangline. The best being the cable filled poly prop lines which eliminate many of the possible injuries that can occur with cable lines.

Peter Carrol, U.K.

Carry a sharp set of cable snips if you run cable lines. Even if you don't they go through poly like a hot knife through butter, and if you have a bad tangle, you can save a dog's life.

Rhiannon C. Keldarion, USA

Duct Tape. Don't leave home without it !

Gail Roberts, USA

A simple and easy tip is that you should always carry an extra neckline and double brass snap on your rig/sled. Snaps and necklines break all too often

J-M Littman, U.K.

It must be fun, shared between musher and dog. That's the purpose and meaning of it all.

Rick Atkinson, U.K.

At the end of the day you can't get out of a dog what you don't put in. Train them good, feed them well and treat them right.

An over used but never ignored musher's quote !

Winning is such an elusive phenomenon that it is a foolish goal to set. Far better is a goal that the dogs should perform at their best.

Tim White, USA

Water is by far the most important supplement. Modern dry foods should be soaked over a period of hours prior to feeding.

Joe Wakshlag, USA

Training dogs is little different from raising children, you have to be firm but fair.

Ginger Dunlap, USA

The best long distance runners eat raw meat, run naked and sleep in the snow.

from an Alascom ad

Always breed dogs for your own purpose, and always breed the best.

Harris Dunlap, USA

Never turn your back on a team, always expect them to bolt and never trust a snow hook or snub line

Terry Hinesly, USA


Few may be aware of the danger of anti freeze, less than a teaspoon will kill a dog. There really are two problems with anti-freeze. It tastes good to the dogs and it remains a liquid even when everything else is solid. Also, people are always topping up in lay bys and service stations and not worrying about the over spill. Antidotes can work. They also say that plain old drinking alcohol works well if given in a timely manner. They use plain old (80 proof not the flammable stuff) rum fed into the stomach by a tube. But also, there is a new antidote.

Antizol-Vet ( commonly known as 4MP) is an antidote for ethylene glycol poisoning in dogs. Ethyleneglycol is a chemical component of antifreeze and coolants. While assessments of the number of ethylene glycol poisonings that occur in the United States vary, Orphan Medical estimates that there are approximately 10,000 dogs that could benefit from this antidote therapy each year. If administered early enough, Antizol-Vet can prevent the severe clinical consequences of ethylene glycol ingestion, including death. CONTACT: John Howell Bullion of Orphan Medical, Inc., 00 1 612-513-6900/ (ORPH).

Perhaps the next time you visit your vet you can inform them of this new product.

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