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This issue we are very pleased to be able to re-distribute some of the excellent "Howl" articles. Howl was a ISDRA magazine for junior Mushers, though I think it was read by more adults than kids! Howl was edited by Harris and Ginger Dunlap and was funded by Alpo petfoods. Unfortunately Howl is no longer available but Harris has given us permission to make some of the articles available. Copyright remains with Howl and articles are only available for personal usage and are not to be re-distributed. The articles are only available in Adobe PDF format. You'll need the pdf plug-in which is available free from

This issue features an excellent article on Heat Stress & Bones You Should Know & Love

Through our association with ISDRA we receive information and news which normally would not see the light of day here in the UK. It is one of the many benefits of our association with ISDRA. The BMA has been working towards international recognition of the British Sleddog Racing with help from ISDRA and we are currently developing an event to with this goal in mind. More to follow in the next issue !



'Granite' - Susan Butcher's Lead Dog that took her to so many Iditarod wins.
This photo was taken shortly before Granite died in March 1997. He was 17 years old.

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